Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another fanfic done

This is actually a week late (as are many of my posts), but I finally "finished" my second major Goemon fanfic, "A Promise Worth Keeping". Why the quotes? Well, if reader and author interest are high enough(and at this point, they're apparently not), I may write an epilogue to describe what happens after the end.

But anyway, some stats for you:

Title: A Promise Worth Keeping
Total Words: 43951 (including Author's Notes)
Chapters: 17
Average number of words/chapter: 2585
Pages: Approximately 97.5 using the program AppleWorks 6, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and single space.

As for this one...well, some of it I liked and some of it I didn't, to be honest. Romance is tough for me.


Seppukumaru said...


Loved the little bit I've read so far, and will read more in the near future.

Random said...

What?! I was beaten to commenting on your blog?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Anyway, congratulations on completing it! Many novelists just wish they could write one good book every couple years, but you've succeeded in two!