Thursday, May 1, 2008

GG4 - Part 5

Ganbare Goemon 4 (English) - Impact/Seppukumaru

Released on April 27, 2008, this video doesn't have much. It was made in a relatively short amount of time as a result. I just feel like I've been too busy with other stuff to start writing this before now.

Anyway, this takes care of what happens on Planet Impact and the deja vu final area (thus the naming of this video after both Impact and Seppukumaru, for those of you who haven't played this far through the game), up to and including the "Fainoru Battoru" ("Final Battle") against Mr. Harakiri Seppukumaru himself. What a nut that guy is. Let's just get on with it, shall we?

Scene 22: To Planet Impact

Impact: Oh! Look at that, everyone!
Goemon: The fog is disappearing!
Ebisumaru: Now we’re ready to go to Planet Impact!
Sasuke: We’re all going together from this point on...
Yae: Do you suppose we can find out what that “Seppuku Challenge” is about?
Goemon: Bah! Seppukumaru, Shmeppukumaru! I’ll make him pay!
Impact: Let’s go! To my old home! actually "Heppokomaru" in the original Japanese text. But, this is how Americans show their lack of respect towards something or someone, so I decided to change it. This type of speech seems similar to something that comes up in MNSG, when Goemon rambles on about how he's going to defeat the villains, no matter what food they actually associate themselves with.

Scene 23: Seppuku

Sasuke: You...!
Rokudenashi: Long time no see. I knew you would come here, so we’ve been waiting.
Nyanko: EEE! Thanks to all of you, our efforts were fruitless!
Hatarino: Lord Seppukumaru is really serious about this. We can’t do anything to stop him!
Itakaro: Ke ke! If Lord Seppukumaru commits seppuku, this star will blow up! (Ke!)
Rokudenashi: But we can depend on you guys. You’re our last hope!
Sasuke: What are you saying?
Rokudenashi: Lord Seppukumaru is an extreme sportsman and loves every kind of sport!
Nyanko: But there are some sports he shouldn’t do!
Itakaro: Ke ke! That’s why he wants to try seppuku!
Hatarino: If he decides to commits seppuku, he would be ending his own life!
Nyanko: Well, Lord Seppukumaru has to try everything. Otherwise, he’s not satisfied...
Rokudenashi: But if Lord Seppukumaru decides to commit seppuku, the bomb in his body will destroy this star!
Sasuke: Bomb in his body?! Hmm...We have to stop Seppukumaru! Where is he?
Rokudenashi: He’s on his spaceship, the Sportsman Ship. But nobody knows where that is, exactly...ha ha...
Nyanko: We’re watching Lord Seppukumaru to make sure he never tries his Seppuku Challenge.
Itakaro: Lord Seppukumaru’s escaped, and now that we’ve been seen with you...(Ke ke!)
Hatarino: You must go and take care of this! Farewell!
Sasuke: We have to search for Seppukumaru! Impact, we have to find him for the sake of peace in space!

I think it's interesting how each of the four main characters has a different way of saying "you." That just makes Japanese all the more complicated. I'm pretty sure the specific things that the hero says change depending on which character you use, but like GG3, I would imagine it's the same basic idea. I thought Sasuke would be the easiest to translate. Yae may also have been a good choice for simplicity's sake, but I have terrible luck with her in most of the games, so I tend to play as Sasuke most often.

Yes, I know I said before that Seppukumaru isn't the only person in this game that has a bomb in his body. Looks like I was wrong. Chances are, I made a mistake because the subject of the sentence isn't always clearly stated in Japanese.

By the way, Sportsman Ship may be one of the greatest puns in the entire series. I just wanted to throw that out there.

Also, like I did with the Omikuji Siblings, I referred to the Tsujigiri by their individual names in this scene (as given in the anime, I believe). I hope I got em right.

Scene 24: Final Battle

Seppukumaru: Ha ha ha! You are so foolish! You would dare to challenge the great, extreme sportsman Seppukumaru?! You’ve made me very angry, and that is inexcusable! Planet Impact will easily attract my satellite bomb! All of you, along with this star, will become brilliant fireworks in space!
Seppukumaru: Damn you! How can you embarrass me like that?! That won’t happen next time! Ha ha ha ha! I was just kidding around before, but now I invite you to travel the whole universe!
Seppukumaru: Damn it! You’re doing very well! But how much more patience can I have? I think I’ve been playing around too much...Let’s end this game!
Seppukumaru: Damn it! I’m supposed to be a super strong sportsman! Can this be so?!...I see...huh...I think I may have waited far too long to master seppuku. You dare to say no to me?!

The name of the "level" where you fight Seppukumaru is (I hope I'm remembering this correctly) "Fainoru Battoru", which, as I mentioned earlier, is literally "Final Battle." Clever, eh?

So, why does Seppukumaru want to destroy Planet Impact so badly? Umm...I'm not quite sure. An intergalactic fireworks show, perhaps? But then he wants to destroy Goemon and crew so badly that they end up drifting through empty space for the rest of their lives. What a nut. As if the whole seppuku thing wasn't bad enough.

The very last line would read better if it was something along the lines of "You dare to deny me?!" He's referring, of course, to the fact that everybody (the Tsujigiri and Team Goemon) seems to be trying to stop him from committing seppuku (for obvious reasons). This leads to an interesting hypothesis proposed by none other than the brilliant Sarahsuke: The Tsujigiri imprisoned Seppukumaru on Planet Impact and built the shield to keep him from escaping and wreaking havoc on the whole universe by killing himself. Bored with this restriction, Seppukumaru started causing "all kinds of trouble" on Planet Impact, which prompted Goemon Impact's return to his home. When they got there, they obviously couldn't get to the planet, so they worked to deactivate the shield. Of course, the Tsujigiri didn't want them to succeed, as it would mean the death of their beloved leader and the obliteration of Planet Impact and the surrounding stars. Unfortunately for them, the ninjas were successful, which lowered the shield and allowed Seppukumaru to escape. With nowhere else to turn, the Tsujigiri pleaded with their former opponents to find Seppukumaru and stop him from committing seppuku. Pretty strange, huh? It may not ever be explicitly stated, but it puts a bit of an interesting twist on the story.'s been almost a full month since I started writing this thing (it's the morning of May 30 right now). I apologize profusely. By this time, I've uploaded the translated ending and all the Omitsu scenes without subtitles on YouTube. Why without subtitles? So people can help me out with it. Let me know if you're interested.