Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Announcing...Goemon fanfic #2

This news is a bit late, but almost a year after starting my last fic, I've finally overcome my writer's block (with a little help from Sarahsuke, of course) and started working on my next one. It's called "A Promise Worth Keeping" (another strange title, I know), and the first chapter was published on July 22, 2008. As of this writing, 3 chapters have been uploaded, and the 4th one is a little less than halfway done.

The main focus of this story is on the relationship of Goemon and Omitsu, childhood friends from the first day she moved to Oedo Town and they made a fateful promise to each other (yes, the one that's alluded to in the title). Although Omitsu is far from my favorite character, I still feel like she's unfairly criticized and horribly underrated; thus, I feel it's my duty as a just "artist" of sorts to shine some much-needed positive light on her.

Anyway, it also involves Bismaru the cross-dresser, and if you're patient, Jurokubei himself may make an appearance. I'm not planning on having any major OCs in this story, nor is it going to be as long or epic as AVD. However, I will be attempting to portray characters that are more "real" and easy to relate to, hopefully redeeming myself for any OOC-type behavior that was in AVD.

Enjoy the story! Feedback of any kind (as long as it's comprehensible and at least somewhat helpful...tell me specifically what you liked or didn't like!) is greatly appreciated, as always.


RandomS said...

I'm really loving your new fic- anything you write I will happily read. I agree, Omitsu isn't one of my favorite characters, either, but she deserves far more positive attention than she receives from the fandom. You're writing her really well so far! Oh, and Jurokubei might eventually be in the story? I can be as patient as needed for that- I'm really obsessed with him at the moment, he's such a fun character! Anyway, I hope writer's block doesn't sink it's evil claws into you anytime soon, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

Seppukumaru said...

Goemon and Omitsu make such a cute couple- this should make a good subject for a fic. And kudos for the "shining a positive light on Omitsu" thing, I believe she could use the support. Bismaru seems like he would be fun to write, what a crazy!